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Appartment of 3 rooms, 1st floor


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type of property Apartment
square metres 120m2 (85m2)
rooms 3
bathrooms 1
storage 12,25m2
parking 1
floor 1st
fireplace yes
safety door yes
complete alarm system yes
gas central heating with a timer yes
aluminium frames with SUCHO thermoswitch yes
name of plot Kambouroglou
location Thessaloniki
available properties 1
Property description

This excellent residence is located in St, Giannis region and it is designed to offer comfort and functionalism.

This apartment is considered to be “successful” because it is very carefully and accurately designed and it is an one floor apartment.

It is a modern and hospitable house with a diachronic style that makes the best of all its rooms


Parking: open


Dimitriou Kambouroglou 6

Kalamaria, Thessaloniki, Greece

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