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Appartment of 3 rooms, B2, 2nd floor


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type of property Apartment
square metres 130m2 (98m2)
bathrooms 2
storage 31,36m2
parking 3
floor 2nd
safety door yes
complete alarm system yes
private gas heating yes
aluminium frames with SUCHO thermoswitch yes
air condition preinstallation yes
energy fireplace with fan heater yes
name of plot Kifisia
location Thessaloniki
available properties 1
Property description

This particular residence, which is ideal for a big family, is located in Kifisia, Thessaloniki.

The front façade is coated with stone from Athito and the great openings that overlook a park, are designed in such a way as to allow the light to be richly diffused.

The residence covers only one level. The bedroom has its own private bathroom. The other two bedrooms share a  big bathroom which has a bathtub with Jacuzzi.

The entrance to the residence is immediate. The big united space, which includes the sitting room, the dining room and the kitchen, is comfortable and very functional. It also includes two great openings leading to a veranda, that overlooks the park.


Bathroom: a bathtub with jacuzzi

Bathroom: with shower

Parking: 2 open and 1 closed


Tasou Isaak 4

Kalamaria, Thessaloniki, Greece

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